Greece Investment Immigration Program


What is the Investment Program for Greece?

Investment Program for Greece is a five year investment based residence process for non-EU nationals which allows free circulation in the Schengen area of 26 states.

What are the conditions of application for the Investment Program?

Main application conditions for the Investment Program for Greece are;

  • An investment of at least €250,000 EUR in real estate in Greece,

Apart from the abovementioned investment requirements, the applicant shall submit all documents required for the application.

How long does the process take?

Application process for this Investment Program takes less than 8 weeks.

What are the advantages of this Program?

Key advantages of this investment program are;

  • It enables the right to travel without visa to 26 European countries in Schengen area
  • The real estate may be rented to third parties as long as they are not other third state national.
  • Process of the residence permit is very short.
  • Investment level (minimum investment amount required) is one of the lowest required investment amounts for residency in Europe
  • Physical absence does not affect the renewal of the 5 year residence permit for further 5 years.
  • Spouses and dependants under 21 age are regarded as family members.

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Why is acquiring residency in Greece profitable for business?

Greece is a trade bridge between Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The country’s main sectors are tourism, traditional agriculture some modern businesses such as communication technologies. Since it provides Visa-Free entry to all the countries of the Schengen without time limitations, to have a permanent residence or more, citizenship allows the permit holder to move freely in the trading world.

Why choose Greece?

Greece has a huge culture that has developed over thousands of years. Besides the culture, the country enables high-quality education and healthcare services. It is allowed dual & multiple citizenship and the passport is renewable for life and passed onto future generations.

Do I have to travel to Greece to start the Citizenship procedures?

For residence permit application, it is not necessary to live in Greece before or during the time but for Greek naturalization, applicants must physically reside in Greece for the prior to application for 7 years.

What are the visa-free travel opportunities for citizens of Greece?

The holders of Greece passport have opportunities for visa-free travel over 150 countries, including the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Is Greece a tax haven for investors who evaluate Golden Visa Programmes?

Greece does not ask for tax payment if the investor does not plan to live in Greece. However, the Greek government collects several taxes from money earned in the country, such as income tax & property tax. Therefore it is hard to mention Greece as a “tax haven”, especially if an investor is considering living in Greece for the obtainment of Greek Citizenship.

Is there a chance for two or more different investors to acquire Greek Citizenship depending on a single real estate?

Yes, this might be an option. Real Estate Investments requested by the Greek government have been indicated as USD 250.000 per main applicant. This means each main applicant is obligated to invest in such a price, in order to obtain EU Residency and eventually, Greek Citizenship.

Is there any official Code regulating the Greek Golden Visa program?

Surely. This Programme has been stipulated in the Immigration and Social Integration Law of Greece (Numbered 4251/2014) in order to attract investors all around the world, who are searching for free trade & travel opportunities within the EU.

Do you offer properties suitable for the Greek Golden Visa application process?

Yes. We are able to provide you with specialist real estate advisors who can show you fancy real estate from a broad portfolio and assist you with the property transfer procedures of Greece.

Is Greek Citizenship acquired/valid for life?

Yes, once the citizenship is acquired, it becomes a permanent citizenship for life for you and the citizenship could also be passed to your future generations.

Can we change our names after obtaining Greek citizenship?

Yes, but the applicant may only apply for the change of name after the citizenship is acquired. In order to apply for it, the applicant shall submit a petition before a Greek Court and the prosecution office shall be notified.

How many family members can apply for citizenship along with the Main Applicant?

All family members excluded from the dependent children older than 21 can apply with the main applicant.

Is there any language requirement to apply for Greek Citizenship?

No, neither there is a language requirement nor historical knowledge.

Once Greek Citizenship is acquired, in the case that the applicant will not stay in Greece, what will be the main applicant’s tax liabilities in Greece?

Tax liability in Ireland depends on the days the citizens reside in the country. If the citizens reside more than 183 days for a tax year (1 January-31 December) than the liability automatically will be applicable.