Employment / Labor Law

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Ketenci&Ketenci is specialized in Labor Law, especially concerning individual or collective labor relations including individual and group dismissals of employees as well as any other matters relating to employment.

We assist our clients for preparing and drafting contracts relating to any labor documents as well as contracts between trade unions and employers. Despite the fact that, most of our clients are employers, Ketenci&Ketenci represent high profile employees as well.

Ketenci&Ketenci provides legal services including but not limited to legal opinions and analysis on the following matters related to Labor Law;

  • Employee rights,
  • Employment, non-competition and other related contracts,
  • Occupational safety & health,
  • Active participation in negotiations with trade unions and formation of relevant agreements,
  • Pension and benefits,
  • Severance and notice pays,
  • Wrongful termination,
  • Legal representation before competent labor courts,
  • Restructuration and taking over of workplaces.