Wind Power Law

Wind Power

Turkey is one of the countries in Europe which has a big potential in wind energy. According to the researches, Turkey’s wind energy potential is bigger than it’s current installed capacity. It means, that Turkey’s wind energy capacity is enough to meet a big part of it’s energy demand.

Investments in wind energy in Turkey have seen a substantial growth especially due to the legal reforms and investment facilities in renewables since 2010. According to the statistics, the total number of wind power plants is 101 as of January 2015 .

We draw on our expertise in a number of areas outside of renewable energy including financing, siting, construction and litigation. We also advise on capital raise and provide financing and loan assistance to our clients and investors on a global scale through our extensive network of advisors based in the US and UK.

In addition to wind power projects (both onshore and offshore), we provide advice on renewable energy projects generally including: hydro, geothermal, and solar both passive and active.

Our advise on wind power usually covers:

  • Allocation and related regulations
  • Feed-in tariffs in renewables:
  • Local equipment support:
  • Facilities in license procedures:
  • Tax incentives: