Hydro Power

Hydro Power

While developing renewable energy policies, Turkey has integrated its hydropower potential as well. Within the scope of the government’s “2023 Strategic Vision Project”, it is aimed to have 100 GW installed electric power, 30% of which to be produced via renewable sources.

With its mountainous landscape and location between 3 seas, Turkey’s geographical structure has a significant hydropower capacity. There are various beneficial regions in terms of hydropower potential; especially the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Eastern Anatolia. The country embraces nearly 30 river basins, among which Euphrates and Tigris rivers have specific importance in this respect. Turkey’s hydropower potential constitutes 16% of Europe’s hydropower potential and 1% of the world’s total.

According to the competent government authority that is responsible for the planning, operation, and management of water resources, the State Hydraulic Works, Turkey has an economically viable hydroelectric potential of 140,000 GWh/year. This number indiciates a potential of 24,000 hydropower plants. On the other hand, Turkish Government announced it would allocate USD 16 billion to hydro development until 2018 as part of its 10th Development Plan.

Electricity Market Law enabled the construction of run-of-river plants, that are small hydropower plants (SHPP, known as “HES” in Turkey), by the private sector. This created a big market for consultancy firms, constructors and operation companies.

However, many controversies have arisen due to the claims that some companies implement inadequate water resources strategies, disturb the components of the ecosystem; which harms the river basins, damages the natural flow of the rivers and disregard the needs and concerns of local residents. Thus, we may say that investments maximizing the utilization of hydropower while maintaining environmentally conscious development will be welcomed in Turkey.

Our unique expertise in this area comprises of below practices;

  • We stand by our clients in negotiating, drafting and advising them on specific laws and clearances in relation to the construction and development of hydropower prjects
  • We guide hydropower companies on their environmental responsibilities and assist them on compliance of the same
  • We apply a commercial approach to hydro energy transactions and disputes
  • We conduct legal audits concerning hydro power companies and projects