Geothermal Power

Geothermal Power

Turkey, as being one of the richest countries in terms of geothermal capacity, showed a significant development in electricity production via geothermal sources during the recent years.

227 geothermal fields have been discovered in Turkey during the past 50 years. Accordingly, geothermal electricity production has reached to 400 MWe, as the total of 17 geothermal power plants.

Most of the development has been achieved in electricity production and balneological utilizations in the last 5 years. 750 MWe power production and 4,000 MWt space heating is targeted until 2018 in the Government’s 10th Development Plan. Targeted geothermal electricity production has been announced as 1,500 MWe for 2023 by the Government which marks the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic.

Geothermal energy is regulated in the Law on Geothermal Resources and Natural Mineral Waters numbered 5686, dated June 3, 2007 and under its Implementation Regulation. The competent authority is the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the relevant Provincial Special Administration for geothermal projects and works.

In Ketenci & Ketenci ILP, we rely on a solution-based platform to handle complex geothermal energy transactions and has till date successfully handled numerous assignments and projects in this area as follows;

  • Providing solutions to the problems concerning legislative matters and obligations of the exploration and production concession rights, technical responsibility, control and protection of the geothermal areas
  • Advising on greenhouse heating, thermal facilities and balneological investments
  • Compliance counseling, project Due Diligences and project financing
  • Structuring appropriate partnership agreements for geothermal project developers
  • Drafting EPC and related construction contracts