Data Protection

Data Protection

A draft law on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”) was prepared due to European Union Membership process in Turkey. The Law is very similar to EU data protection laws. Within the scope of the Law, data protection is defined as any kind of information of real persons who can be identified. Thanks to the Law, personal data have been put under protection and also in accordance with that Law real and legal persons who processing data have some obligations thus the time course regarding processing data become under the control of the administration.

In accordance with the Law, companies obliged to fall into line with some rules while sharing, storing or saving the personal data of their clients or employees. Besides, processing of the data like race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical thought, religious, sectarian or other beliefs, membership of an association, foundation, union, health or sexual life which admitted as a special quality personal data is banned.

Draft Law in progress in Grand National Assembly of Turkey, is likely to be passed as legislation soon. As Ketenci&Ketenci we provide support with our specialists in order to harmonize the Law with the Law of Arrangement of Electronic Commerce.

Once the Law passed as a legislation, we will be able to advice and support on all matters relevant to data protection law, including:

  • Implementation of regulations on company data protection compliance
  • Development of new technologies pursuant to data protection law
  • Data breach notification requirements
  • Challenges raised by social networking services and related technologies, for both providers and corporate users;